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Consistency is the best way to build brand exposure.
Studies show that it takes five to seven exposures to an ad before action is taken. A six-time contract is the bare minimum if you want to build your brand; a 12-time contract is more cost effective and puts your business in front of purchasers each month.

The Journal offers black-and-white, spot color and full-color ads in sizes from 1/4” to full page. You can also add some sizzle to your message with our custom options. Give you ad that eye-catching, extra-special touch by utilizing custom inserts, foldouts, gatefolds and bind-in cards.

With our new rates and discounts, you can place a full-page, full-color ad in the Journal at a very competitive price. Why pay for outside design work, our staff of award-winning artists are at your service and best of all, it’s FREE.

Ad Sizes

Ad Sizes
All of our partial ad sizes, including 1/2-page, 1/3-page, 1/4-page and 1/6-page can be in either horizontal or vertical formats.

2014 APHA Member Rates
Horse-based businesses that specialize in equine sales (excluding auction companies), training, showing or breeding, and regional horse clubs are eligible for this rate. All production work and custom designer services are available at no extra charge.

2014 Commercial/General Rates
Businesses that sell commercial products such as tack, trailers, clothing, consumables, insurance, auction services or other manufactured goods or services other than those offered by a breeder or trainer are eligible for this rate.

New First-time Advertiser Rate
If you haven't advertised in the Journal for a while, we encourage you to give us another try. And to make it worth your while, we're offering a special one-time only introductory rate for full- and half-page full-color ads.
        Full-page $700
        Half-page $500